Creating Wealth
By Becoming A Private Money Lender

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Welcome to PML Creating Wealth, Your Journey Begins Here!

Now after nearly 30 years of Private Money Lending success and creating wealth, it's time to share our knowledge!  Our goal is to to educate , coach, and collaborate with people who have the desire to make money and improve their net worth while making a difference in the communities they live in and serve.

Our Private Money Lending Business Opportunity includes our Training Course, hard copy Book and an E-Book with enhancements and additional information.  Graduates of the Private Money Lender Course will have the opportunity to collaborate on future funding and investment opportunities, and participate in our referral program and earn additional income for each funded transaction by PML Bridge Fund LLC.

Key Benefits of Being a Private Money Lender

  • Earn 35% or more annually on your capital
  • Generate Monthly Cash flow while increasing your net worth
  • Learn how to earn additional income from Success Fees
  • Loans are secured by collateral (real estate, etc.)
  • Minimal Startup Capital required
  • Work part time or full time, your choice!
  • No employees or inventory required
  • Ongoing support with our Wealth Creation Coaches
  • Fulfillment, both Personal and Professional
PML Creating Wealth

About PML Creating Wealth

We are lead by our group of Certified Private Money Lenders with a combined total of over 30 years of experience in providing funding for real estate and business transactions.  This includes business start-ups, expansions, and business rescues.  Our team has successfully funded millions of dollars for businesses by providing strategic financial solutions.  As a result we have generated significant profitability and created wealth for our Private Money Lenders. 

Our Founder has participated in various angel investor groups and led presentations at numerous financial conferences. He has participated in being a panel judge at various universities for creating companies and has been recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati’s premier entrepreneurial financial businessmen.

“Our PML Training course and Book is our gift to the world. Our desired legacy is to improve the lives of others by growing their financial net worth.”

Private Money Lender Members of PML Creating Wealth LLC