PML Referral Program

Take Advantage of This Business Opportunity To Make Money Today!

PML is offering YOU a very lucrative Business Opportunity to become one of our referral    representatives.  You will earn between $1,000 and $2,000 Dollars for every qualified transaction funded by PML Bridge Fund, referred by you.  This Business Opportunity to become a PML Referral Representative is ideal for anyone who is or wants to be involved in the real estate industry, such as real estate investors, real estate agents, mortgage and loan brokers, business coaches and other industry professionals. This referral program is so easy and simple. It can be a part time supplemental income opportunity or even a full time business. You can operate this business from a home office or while traveling.

Simply PutAll you have to do is have advertising placed on Craigslist and or other social media platforms for people who are seeking Private Funding for real estate or business funding opportunities that include funding delinquent real estate taxes, a timely real estate purchase, real estate refinance or a business opportunity. Identify those people responding to advertising who have answered the questions in the ad who have qualified collateral, generally real estate with significant equity and then refer them over to PML Bridge Fund.  Easy as 1-2-3!

We will contact those people who are qualified by telephone and email to introduce to them the benefits of dealing with our Private Money Lenders and the various funding options available. Once the funding arrangement successfully closes (loan or purchase) you are paid simultaneously.

It is really that simple! Your willingness to assist us with this process saves us considerable time and money. With your help we consider this a financially mutually beneficial business relationship.

Some things you should know about Private Money Lending…  The difference between a Private Money Lender, Bank and Hard Money lender.  A Bank and Hard Money lender usually have lengthy loan processes that can take up to a few months to fund a real estate or business transaction and require credit score qualifications and a number of supporting documents. A Private Money Lender quickly evaluates the collateral, uses their own capital to fund, provides funds to close a loan transaction in just a few days (generally once a title search on collateral property has been completed) and needs a lot less documentation from the borrower.

This timely funding and easy loan process is the Private Money Lender’s value proposition to borrowers in which they serve in their communities. Many borrowers today seek private lenders for real estate and business funding. As a result, your advertising will generate a significant amount of funding requests.


How do I get started...

Simply fill out the contact form below to arrange a time for one of our PML Private Money Lenders to have a get acquainted conversation with you to share and learn more information.

We offer 2 courses options and continued coaching support for training and enrollment into PML’s Referral Program to become a PML Referral Representative as follows:

Review referral course options 1 and 2. Keep in mind Option 1 provides an opportunity to learn the training course online via Zoom and Option 2 provides an in-person Shadowing Experience.

Please be sure to fill out the form below to have one of our Private Money Lenders or Wealth Creation Coaches contact you to discuss this very unique and lucrative business opportunity to become a PML Referral Representative.

Just a Program Note:

In the coming weeks we will be introducing additional marketing tools and support to include: advertising content, video’s to be used in ads, advertising placement and use of a PML Referral Representative website specifically designed for you and your borrowers.

Referral Course Options #1 and #2

Referral Course Option #1 - Online Training Course - (Via Zoom)

We cover in 3 key areas for you to learn in order get enrolled and started with your business opportunity of becoming a Referral Representative and immediately start making money.

  • The Market Place of Borrowers: Understanding categorically the funding options available to borrowers and the various challenges of qualify. The various funding solutions that PML Private Money Lenders offer. 
  • Advertising to Borrowers: Discussing advertising options and place to place ads. Reviewing sample ads and content. Getting a deeper understanding of effective advertising to reach specific borrowers. Assisting with ad placement. 
  • Qualifying Borrowers and Submission of Referral Form (Referrals): Reviewing funding request, using typical standard responses, applying PML’s funding methodology and loan condition (loan advance 50% of property cost) to funding request, reviewing and understanding the Referral Form used to send qualified borrowers to PML Bridge Fund.

Referral Course Option #2 - In-Person Shadowing Experience and Training

This is an in-person course taught in Cincinnati, Ohio at PML’s Corporate Office. You can Fly or drive to PML’s Corporate Office at 9600 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati Ohio 45251. If you are flying, we will pick you up and provide transpiration back to the Greater Cincinnati Airport. We will arrange and pay for your 2 night hotel accommodation stay and meals while you’re here in Cincinnati.  

We cover more in depth all 3 key areas offered in Option Training Course #1 for you to learn in order get enrolled and started with your business opportunity of becoming a Referral Representative and immediately start making money. This option provides more time for question and answers an ability to meet in person our Private Money Lenders and review sample transactions. This course option provides a more in depth understanding of the Referral Program and a better insight to those individuals that may want to consider advancing to the next level of become a Private Money Lender using their own money to fund future transactions. This web site also offers various training course options to become a Private Money Lender.

  • Day 1 After arrival and hotel check in, this day begins with a relaxing and informative reception dinner to get acquainted with some of our Private Money Lenders and Wealth Creation Coaches along with our company Founder.  You'll learn about his 30+ years of experience as a Private Money Lender.

  • Day 2You'll spend this day in an immersive learning experience while shadowing our Private Money Lenders and Wealth Creation Coaches. You'll see the day to day operations of a Private Money Business.  You'll review funding requests, response to funding request and strategies to fund transactions, learn about the Investment Committee decision making process, review sample transactions from the initial application to the completion of the funding process.|

  • Days 3You will meet in the morning before your departure with our company Founder, Private Money Lenders and staff for a final review of the material learned and answer any final questions that you may have.


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