PML Training Course

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Our PML Training Course is for individuals who are seeking the knowledge and training of how to lend their capital to achieve higher annual rates of return and create wealth.

Our Mission – Now after nearly 30 years of Private Money Lending success and creating wealth, it is time to share this knowledge by educating, coaching, and joining forces with others who have the desire to create wealth and increase their financial net worth by taking our PML Training Course to become a Private Money Lender (and improve their community in which they live and serve).

We desire collaboration with future Private Money Lenders who participate and complete our Creating Wealth by Becoming a Private Money Lender PML Training course. We welcome funding and investment opportunities presented by our Private Money Lender graduates.

“Our PML Training Course and Book is our gift to the world. Our desired legacy is to improve the lives of others by growing their financial net worth.”
Private Money Lender Members of PML Creating Wealth LLC

While we recognize that the 30 years of successful private money lending experience, the information, and the training course we are providing have significant monetary value (similar programs may charge $10,000 or more), we are offering to teach you this business opportunity which includes our how-to book on “Creating Wealth by Becoming a Private Money Lender” and our LIVE PML training course of up to 7 hours for ONLY $1,000. Why? Please refer to the purpose of our Mission Statement. Enroll today!

Our Training Course - (Based on 30 Years of Experience)

Our training course is unique to the Private Money Lending industry. While most private money lenders solely work with real estate investors, our private money lending has also successfully funded numerous business endeavors, such as business startups, expansions, and rescues. By funding both real estate and business transactions, a private money lender can generate a rate of return (ROI) of up to 35% annually, if not more, and often leads to additional financially rewarding business opportunities. Funding business transactions can also increase your annual rate of return and create wealth through Success Fees that include: acquiring equity of a business, profit sharing, residual income, options, partnerships, etc., as often is seen on such television shows as Shark Tank. We’ve all come to learn how successful some of those opportunities have turned out to be.

PML Creating Wealth
PML Creating Wealth

Our Training Course begins with sending you a physical copy of our book, Creating Wealth By Becoming A Private Money Lender. Once you have read the book, you will be ready to schedule a day and time to participate in our one-day Training Course.

The online training course lasts up to 7 hours with periodic breaks. After taking our training course, our coaches will be available to further assist you with starting your business and provide you with ongoing coaching to ensure a higher likelihood of business success.

Educational Training Course Steps

Our Training Course will be conducted through Zoom with the sharing of our eBook. The shared eBook will cover all of the 7 chapters contained in our book “Creating Wealth By Becoming A Private Money Lender”. We will discuss in-depth each chapter in greater detail. We will summarize the information and provide more examples and additional information not printed in the book to create a more engaging learning experience.

The course is usually a one-day event up to 7 hours with periodic breaks. The course will begin at approximately 9 AM and end at 5 PM. Check our calendar for upcoming Educational Training Course dates.

Once you have paid for the course and scheduled your date, you will be mailed our book “Creating Wealth by Becoming a Private Money Lender”. It is important to read the book prior to participating in the training course as it will prepare you for a more informative and engaging experience.  

The book consists of seven chapters of valuable information about becoming a Private Money Lender based upon our 30 years of experience. The information and strategies contained in our book are unique to the Private Money Lending industry. The seven chapters will include:

Chapter 1: Overview

  • Introduction to private money lending
  • What do we do and why is it needed?
  • Comparison of business opportunities and benefits
  • Comparison opportunity – the real estate invest — fix and flips
  • Comparison opportunity – the purchase of a business and/or franchise
  • How does the private money lender make money and manage risks?
  • Securing your loan with collateral
  • Stories of funded transactions!
  • A real estate investment is funded
  • A business owner receives funding

Chapter 2: Initial Startup

Chapter 3: Background Knowledge

  • Underwriting standards/guidelines
  • The collateral
  • The borrower
  • Title process entities
  • Title company
  • Motor vehicle bureau/department
  • Forms and documents
  • Funding proposal
  • $1,000 non-refundable earnest money
  • The loan application
  • Loan closing

Chapter 4 : Stage One

  • Locating potential borrowers (advertising)
  • Your advertising message
  • How to advertise
  • Sample advertisements
  • Where to advertise

Chapter 5: Stage Two

  • Prequalifying potential borrowers
  • Responding to funding requests
  • Communicating with potential borrowers

Chapter 6: Stage Three

  • The loan closing and disbursal

Chapter 7: Stage Four

  • Collection, maintenance, and communication

After taking our Training Course, there will be coaches available to further assist you with starting your business and provide you with ongoing coaching to ensure a higher likelihood of business success. See our Coaching Services page for more information and scheduling.